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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  January 18, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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hello everyone i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. we begin tonight with breaking news. >> an officer was shot, he is at shock trauma. kelly mcpherson is live. >> reporter: we are told the commissioner is already here and the mayor is on the way. i've been able to confirm basic facts about what happened downtown this evening around 9:15. we know that the officer is a homicide detective. he was shot once in the leg around 9:15. this happened in a parking lot where a lot of officers park their personal vehicles. we do not know if he was on duty or not, but we do know that he was not in uniform. one officer tells me that the injured detective was able to fire back, but a police spokesperson will not confirm that for me yet. we do know that the suspect has not been seen leaving the parking garage as of about
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10:30, police were still surrounding the area looking for him. a lot of downtown streets were blocked off with police cars. one witness explains to me exactly what happened in the city. >> every type of policeman was down here, checking out what was occurring. rushing down that alley or that street. of course the ambulance couldn't get to the area because of the conditions. and so they stopped here, of course they ran down to the area and then one of the firemen came back and brought the ambulance right to the area. >> we do know that the officer is here at shock trauma and that he is now in stable condition. we're not sure of how this happened, why it happened in the parking garage. but begin we're waiting for the commissioner to speak to us. we're hoping that'll be in the next few minutes so we will bring it to you live when we get it. kelly mcpherson. >> wjz will bring you the very
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lathest on this developing story -- you the very latest on this developing story. go to a viewing was held today for officer william torbid. torbid was working in plain clothes when he was shot and killed. officer torbid will be laid to rest at cathedral of mary our queen tomorrow. and more precipitation heads our way and temperatures dip below the freezing point. all that slush and snow that fell yesterday melted today, but it's again going to refreeze. >> it's all in the form of rain
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pushing to fredrick county, to far western maryland. right now the problem is with the temperature profile. take a look at the readings now from baltimore north and west we're looking at temperatures at or below the freezing mark. that's when we'll expect to see freezing rain this evening into the morning hours. that can pose some issues. then we'll take a closer look at what we can expect to see in the morning. >> thank you, bob. remember wjz13 is the station to watch when winter weather hits. live doppler radar and the latest closings and delays log on to tonight it was confirmed that the letters sent to several government offices were linked. it is chasing down more than
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100 leads. she vanished three weeks ago without a trace. now the family of 17-year-old felicia barnes is taking the search into their own hands. baltimore city police followed up on tips and searched the area where she disappeared but still no clues. now the president of a maryland security technology company is volunteering his time as a private investigators to help track her down. >> you put up a $5,000 reward money in the hopes of finding felicia barnes. we've been sharing our information, with anti terrorism task forces all with the hopes that some of them will have a piece of intelligence on their hands or will stumble upon a piece of information to connect the dots and find her and bring her home. >> we promise to keep following this case and we'll tell you as soon as felicia barnes is found. the city of baltimore is
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slapped with a wrongful death lawsuit. terrell brown, u.s. marine was shot down by a police officer. now brown's family wants baltimore and maryland to pay. their suit claims he had his hands in the air when tsanbe shot him. several passengers on the light rail train were hurt. all injuries are said to be nonlife threatening. the country lost one of its most dedicated servants today. sergeant shriver has died. shrive shot in world war ii before marying eunice kennedy, president kennedy's sister. shriver was the first director of the peace corp., the head of
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the war on poverty and president of the special olympics. and a woman has been banned from playing basketball because of her religious head scarf. referees have safety concerns about the head scarf becoming wrapped around her neck. in mid-january, the girl's basketball league says they will amend their bylaws if her parents assume liability. a battle is growing over the maryland science center's plan to put solar panels over it's parking lot. some people who live in federal hill says it threatens their view. kai jackson has both sides of this controversy. >> that's right, vic. the science center says these panels will further their opportunity of education. but opponents say all it'll do
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is create an eyesore around some of the most expensive space. the center has plans to put up solar panels in it's parking lot. >> we want to educate people about the possibilities of solar energy. >> maryland science center president riner made the parennation to federal hill residents tuesday. 330 panels each generating 230- watts would be placed on top of carport like structures with vehicles parking underneath. the science center would buy the energy back generated from constalation. >> we're not doing it to save a bundle of money. we're trying to learn from it.
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>> reporter: obstructing the beautiful vistas for federal hill residents. >> what do you invision if the project goes through. >> that our property values will go down because our houses are the closest to that. >> reporter: now the federal hill neighborhood association is expected to take a vote on this issue as early as tomorrow. the baltimore development corporation has been expected to take that vote into account and whether or not it's going to grant the maryland science center the license to do this thing. back to you. >> thank you, kai. the plan will cost between 100,000 and $500,000. will they or won't that. that is a question while we get ready to mark edgar alan poe
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birthday. >> reporter: each year january 9th seems the poe's toaster leaves roses and a bottle of wine. until last year. >> i was so disappointed. so was everybody else that was standing here waiting for him to show up. >> my immediate opinion was that the toaster had to be david frank. >> now as poe's birthday returns, fans are hoping to see the toaster again. >> it's something i've always wanted to do. >> there's a crowd starting to gather. ron mass will be live from the grave site tomorrow morning beginning at 6:00 a.m. with the answer, did it happen or did it not. >> ron mass wasn't around that
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night last year. i wonder if he's the toaster. >> has he been around since 1949. >> could have been one version of it listed that way. just minutes away, maneuvering on icy roads. this video will make you cringe. and there was a head. >> a wild ride to the hospital and why this little one will have quite a story to tell when he grows up. and will there be ice in the morning? i'm bob turk, your morning forecast is coming up. ,,
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it is 32 degrees and cloudy in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather is coming up. but first, icy roads play havoc in this neighborhood in pittsburgh. cars spinning out of control, crashing into parked cars. others trying to stop from going down the hill. there were no injuries. they believe the group may have been recording a joyride on aurora road.
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police plan to search information on the cell phones of the people on the scene. and a scary scene in a los angeles high school after a gun goes off. the shooting turned out to be accidental. police say a tenth grader had a gun in his backpack and it went off after he dropped it. two victims were hit by the bullet. a 15-year-old is in critical condition with a head injury. another got hit in the foot. police have arrested the student who brought the gun to the school. 17-year-old cole balderson and 16-year-old rachel riley were last seen together. police say there is no evidence of foul play but they are concerned because the teens have been missing for nearly a week. i pad users hacked, tonight two men are charged with hacking into i pad user accounts and stealing e-mail addresses.
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federal authorities say the two men were trying to impress fellow hackers by breeching an at&t security flaw to swipe information for criminal purples. they arrested daniel spikley. the victims included politicians and media personalities. surprising announcement from regis fieldman. he caught viewers off guard with news of his retirement. >> i have to tell you this because it's going to happen and the station needs to know, and we all need to know. but this will be my last year on this show. >> regis started his tv career in the 1950s, he's been recognized by the guiness book of world records for more hours on camera. the date of his final show has not yet been set. dramatic delivery, a baby born on the side of a local highway. alex demetric reports this
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morning's icy weather made the birth even more challenging. >> reporter: at 5:00 this morning, mat strauser and his pregnant wife were trying to get to the hospital. >> i was going to keep going. but she was quite insistent. pull over now. she felt a head. >> the baby is starting to come out. >> okay. >> oh my god, the head is coming out. the head is coming out. >> okay, okay, all right. >> okay, i need you to calm down. >> i got it, i got it. oh my god. i am holding the baby with one hand. >> is the baby breathing? >> is the baby breathing? yes, the baby is crying. he's crying. okay he's crying. baby is out and i'm holding the baby. >> that baby came out real
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fast. >> reporter: matt and diana's healthy baby boy. >> he's healthy, he's passing all the tests. wife is healthy. she's doing good and that's all i wanted. >> reporter: but never expected to have it happen here. alex demetric, wjz eyewitness news. the strausers have agreed on a name but in opposition to his birth, they want to keep that private. >> storm, maybe. i knew a meteorologist named stormy fields. not downtown, but many areas are just around the freezing mark. in fact, take a look at the temps, vwi marshal south of the
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city coming in at, coming in at 32. dewpoint 31. probably go down one more degree. humidity could be dense. west winds barely moving. the barometer holder steady. from the airport areas out west it's just at or below freezing. so that precept that's moving in, is probably going to freeze on untreated walk ways, trees, bridges, etc. i don't think this precept is going to last very long. very light winds now, because of that we do have fog advisories across northern virginia and southern maryland. portions of the eastern shore could see dense fog over the next few hours. be careful, not only do you have ice issues, perhaps but you have some fog issues as well. tomorrow this whole system moves quickly through the region.
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looking to clear out in the afternoon, actually milder air temporarily behind this system. and even mid-40s possible. now to our north, you see a little bit of that freezing precept to our northwest. a little snow across western new york, just north of pittsburgh. generally this is just some light rain. it doesn't exist very far to the west. just some very broken up precept. don't believe we need to see that, maybe in the morning. before things begin to clear out. it'll get colder late in the day and tomorrow night. a chance we'll see some snow here. late thursday night and again on friday. so winter is not done yet. certainly not. we have winds expected tomorrow. once that system passes, gusty up to 20 knots and a small craft advisory. sunsets at 5:12 in the afternoon. probably sunshine. a little bit of light rain, fog and freezing rain. north and west 31 to about 34
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in the city. breezy and mild in the afternoon, cloudy skies. and then sun breaking out to about 42. could get up to 45 degrees. colder, 35 on thursday. looks like we'll probably see a chance of snow developing. and on friday 35, 16 gets windy and cold on saturday. 25-14 and 30 with sunshine back on sunday. a cold weekend after perhaps some snow in the end of the week. >> wow, what a week. check in for the updated forewarn forecast. an unexpected change in the ravens coaching staff. mark tells us who's in and who's out, next in sports. ,,
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with flavor packed pastrami -- laying down power cords of tasteocity with pickles, mustard and bubbly cheese. crank up the flavor at subway. you knew there would be some fall out after saturday's game. >> for all the criticism of cameron and the offense, it's
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the defense that sees the first biggest coaching change. madison is out on his own. he's taken a job with the university of michigan. he has an extensive college coaching resume which does include time at michigan before. mattison is close to michigan coach who retired last week. and chuck pagano as you see here with offensive coordinator cameron who john harbaugh says will be back next season, becomes a coordinator at the nfl level for the first time. he will speak from owins mills tomorrow. and the jets and steelers are still fighting to get there. you can see the game here
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sunday. winner to the super bowl in dallas to face the winner in dallas. in just three full big league seasons, jones has already won a golden glove award. he's the all standing fielder. felix pie took over the starting job for rimel last season. big money for a big slugger, milwaukee's fielder will be paid like a king this season. he gets a one year deal worth $15.5 million. that is the largest single salary for a player not yet eligible for free agency. college basketball in north north carolina tar heels filling good. they're playing clemson.
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carolina has never lost at home against the tigers. drew with the steal, carolina beats clemson again 75-65. maryland has two home games this week. virginia tech thursday then clemson comes to college park on saturday. college hoops. thank you, mark. do you think you are do you think you are smarting than a fiftft ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] discover the unexpected beauty and man-made relaxation in northwest florida. and only at can you get $79 fares nonstop from bwi airport to panama city beach. [ ding ]
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a fifth grader from annapolis that loves to catch
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fish, caught a mistake on the dictionary. it said the cry fish was a member of the lynch family but it was really a member of the. the correction will be made on the next edition. the 15-foot van was filled with 8,000 pounds ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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